Friday, November 19, 2010

¬Roll-off: to appear as if you're leaving, used as a DHV
¬4-set: group of 4 women
¬canned opener: a memorized phrase used to open conversation with beautiful women
¬FTC (false time constraint): phrase used to show you are leaving any moment. Best tool when used properly as a DHV and to increase social value.

Went out sarging, with no wing man as he was already at a target's house.
Walmart: Went looking for an old female pal to reduce approach anxiety. Had a conversation with her about really nothing other than my new job. On my way out I spotted a 4-set. As I approached them I took about 3 steps past them before opening the set, of course speaking over my shoulder.
"I have to leave in a minute to meet up with a couple of buddies at Buffalo Wild Wings (this was my FTC), but let me ask you something". "My buddy is going on a radio show monday morning (being friends with someone on the radio is a DHV), for a secret admirer reveal contest. He is nervous as he has no clue who this is, and it could be anyone from a hot girl to a guy, or even a relative. Would you guys go on the show?"
¬Opinion, open ended questions work best.
Immediatly they were all interested, and the first one to speak up was my target, who I ignored to make eye contact with other girls and get their opinions. (ignoring a girl makes her want you even more). I kept stacking talking about how exciting my job is etc...
One of the girls in the set recognized me from an old job, to which I added a story about how I was in charge of several kiosks throughout the region (being in control of something, specially something related to a global corporation is a great DHV). The entire time I was in a talkative state to avoid awkward silences.
My target walked away, maybe sad cause I was ignoring her. I asked her friend (who later I found out to be her twin sister) where she was going, and if I scared her I'll leave, and I began to roll-off (to show I could do just as fine without them). She said no, not at all, she's coming back. Her sister went to get her, and when they came back the target's sister was showering me with IOI's. Not sure what went on when they too were alone, maybe the target wanted her sister to hit on me for her. Target's sister was called by someone and told the target they have to leave now or they'll miss their ride. Target's sister gave me a big hug, and told me "you better call me". Acting indifferent I replied "I don't have your number", and waited for her to come back. She ran back towards me as I pulled out my phone and handed it to her, just to then take it away from her (DHV by taking something out of her hands), and handed her my other phone and told her "that was my business line, this is my personal phone" (DHV by appearing to be a super busy person).


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  2. After a year of practice, about a new girl per month replacing another one in the rotation.

    It's all about patience man, everything worth it's while it's worth the wait.