Friday, November 19, 2010

In field training, day 1

¬DHV (Display of Higher Value)- Verbal and Non-verbal communication that let your target know you're "hot stuff".
¬Target- The woman you are going after.
¬Set- Commonly known as a two set, three set, etc....; a set of women in which your target happens to be in.
¬Wing- Man or woman you take with you to the bars to increase your DHV.
¬IOI (Indicator of Interest)- When target communicates interest in PUA. Target begins to ask personal questions about you, hugs you, smiles at you from across the room etc, or plays with her hair while looking at you.
¬Run Off- Appearing as if you have to go somewhere else. Done by looking at your watch (not too much of this), talking over your shoulder, giving FLC's, and taking a short step from time to time as if you had to leave.
¬FLC (False Time Constraint)- Telling a false statement to give the illusion of the PUA having to leave, and not having much time to socialize. This is one of the PUA's best tools, due to its nature of being a great DHV.
¬3 Second Rule- PUA MUST approach target within this time frame to reduce approach anxiety and being the "creepy staring guy".
¬Canned Openers- Memorized conversation starter PUA must use in order to show DHV's and open sets in a non-threatening way.
¬Kino- Physical contact between PUA and other women. Should be used ONLY as a DHV.
¬Road Blocks- The friends of the target that will look for an excuse to get rid of you, or to take her away from you.

Rules to follow when opening sets:
¬Always have a smile for the first 2 or 3 seconds of opening the set. This makes you look less threatening and brings everyone to comfort.
¬Always approach at an angle. If you approach directly head-on the set and the target will feel threatened and uncomfortable.
¬Always speak over your shoulder, unless there is a table between you two. It's incredibly awkward to approach a stranger just to be on their face as if you were to fight each other.
¬Memorize all your openers, and have DHV stories ready for every situation; music, politics, sports, vacations etc...
¬Engage everybody in the set in the conversation. This eliminates road blocks, and increases your social value.
¬Ignore your target the whole time. And when target wants to jump into the conversation give her neg about her not having manners or something similar.
¬Learn how to read body language. If your target or your set look bored, you must leave immediately to avoid further losing social value. Do this by going back to your original FTC and giving a smile as you leave.

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